Health & Safety

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Health & Safety

We go to great lengths to exceed all relevant health and safety regulations

POWERGen Limited is committed to the proper management of occupational health, safety and wellness.

It is the aim of the directors to minimise the risk of injury and harm to our employees and other persons by careful management of occupational health, safety and welfare.

Site Inducton

For work carried out on client sites the safety manager or supervisor appointed shall complete.

“Small Site – safety plan 2.31” at the time of establishment of site.

Inductions “Site (Contractor or employee) induction checklist 6.34” a register of this is kept in the “Site induction register 6.35”. On a daily basis the “Daily site hazard / Safety checklist 2.32” shall be completed by the supervisor on site and kept on record in the site safety folder. All significant hazards capable of causing serious bodily harm shall be marked on the site safety white board, located in the entrance to our work area.

At all times the “Hazard management flowchart 2.11” shall be referred to and work will be stopped should any hazard pose an unacceptable risk. In order to ensure employee involvement from all members in attendance on site a “Toolbox/ safety committee safety meeting form 2.33” shall be held on a weekly basis whilst on site.

These procedures will form part of our Supplementary Work plan developed for each major task.

Sub-Contractor Management

We develop a list of preferred contractors for a specific project and review that list periodically for performance objectives.

Approved contractors should be:

i. Inducted into the requirements of POWERGen Ltd health and safety programme; and
ii. Provided with POWERGen health and safety policies and procedures.

Approved contractors should confirm their acceptance of POWERGen Ltd health and safety programme in writing form 8.3 and supply accurate information form 7.1. POWERGen Ltd will keep the contractor informed of any changes to health and safety procedures, as well as providing information about new plant, processes and equipment.