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Quality Policy

POWERGen's Quality Policy Plan is structured on the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001: 1994, quality systems – model for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing, and AS/NZS 9004.5: 1998, quality management and quality systems – Part 5: Guidelines for quality plans.

The Policy Plan is the mechanism by which POWERGen addresses the quality planning activities for the project.

Inspection and Test Reports (ITR)
POWERGen provide the factory testing and site commissioning plans and the related inspection and test reports (ITR) for the construction and installation of generation facilities.

The ITRs are developed from generation facility design, related drawings, technical specification, and supplier’s technical literature/manuals.

The ITRs identify the checks, inspections, tests and measurements to be made to ensure compliance to the specified requirements for the related inspection and test.

The ITRs include the acceptance criteria, and where applicable the necessary hold and witness points, required by the specification and the generation design.

Supplementary Work Plans (SWP)
All the major tasks involved are carried out in accordance with pre-agreed “Supplementary Work Plans”. These plans will identify the resources to be used for each specific task, tasks which will require sign off, procedures to be carried out in accordance with “Inspection and Test Reports”, identification of specific hazards related to the work covered under the work plans and plans for escalation should an incident arise.

These plans are submitted to the client or client’s representative prior to works being carried out on site.